More Listening for Quality

There was another vehicle that needed to be on the list, once I identified it. And it’s not a car!

The 2014 GMC Terrain is an SUV with one quiet engine and good gas mileage!

It is on a list apart:

-> 2014 GMC Terrain


Listening for Quality

I had the chance to conduct an impromptu evaluation of cars going up a slight hill. I listened for quietest engines. I asked myself the question, “Do I hear tires rolling on pavement or an engine roaring above the tires?”

Top cars with quiet engines were:

-> Honda (always)
-> Toyota
-> Mercedes (gasoline)

The loudest engines climbing the hill were consistently American brands and an expensive Porsche. They roared audibly over and above the grind of tires on pavement.

Interestingly, the louder the engine, the more exhaust fumes left behind to irritate the nose.

Clever Tools Forged by Hand

Tooling … it’s the foundation of all work. Without proper tools, it is next to impossible to do certain tasks.

OK, I’ll run to the hardware store and buy the tools needed. Did it ever occur to you to make your own tools?

This ingenious video How to Make a Tool Set will shift your mindset.

While not practical against the ready-made tools we can just go out and buy, the ability to forge a specialty tool is invaluable.

And I have to say the rebar saw in this Instructable may be superior to any commercial hacksaw you can purchase!