If You Want to Send Your Money Far Away

I suggest buying a Smokering from Oomingmak.

An Alaskan cooperative of near 250 women living in remote villages will hand sew this hood-scarf from the “down” of a musk ox and send it to you.

Qiviut is actually an underwool shed yearly by the Alaskan musk ox. It is soft, weighs little, and holds warmth much better than wool. It is a renewable product having few environmental effects.

The co-op ladies have even made a 2 minute video showing the scarf-making process from animal to loom.

If you want a truly unique gift made in the USA, this is it!


Spread Holiday Cheer Locally

You can give holiday cheer to your community by purchasing from local merchants this Christmas. Keep hard earned dollars circulating in your town.

And I am not referring to stores carrying foreign made products. So think outside the box and place new surprises under the tree. Here’s a suggested list:

-> handcrafted candies from a local candy maker
-> Subway gift card
-> gift voucher to the barber or hair dresser
-> movie tickets
-> membership to a health club
-> home repair gift card
-> subscription to local newspaper
-> weekend stay at local bed and breakfast
-> make a winter emergency kit for the car
-> open a bank account that offers insurance
-> tour local museum and purchase books
-> feast from the local BBQ guy
-> gift money for a night on the town
-> locally popped popcorn
-> a fishing license

You get the idea!

I call this ReUSAing. If we focus on spending money in our own neighborhoods instead of sending it far away overseas, we will quickly give ourselves a secure, prosperous home town.

Obviously the things to avoid are the usual clothing and electronics under the tree as almost all send our money away, far away. In time though, we’ll be ReUSAing these, too.