Are You Wearing the National Debt?

The polite answer is most debtfinitely yes. Take footwear as an example. The American Apparel and Footwear Association says that 99 percent of all shoes are made in a foreign country. With every step we take, the U.S. trade deficit increases and our national debt soars.

There is an old saying, “people vote with their feet.” And we have voted to offshore shoe production giving greedy companies ever larger profits.

It’s time to “throw the shoe” at offshoring. Companies respond to consumer demand. It’s the only way they stay in business. Make the demand, “I’ll wear your shoes when they are made in Smalltown America, paying wages and benefits to American workers, and plunging profit dollars into local communities.”

How can I begin to vote with my feet? It won’t be easy, but there are a few footwear manufacturers still in America.

Allen Edmunds manufactures a medium price range dress shoe in Wisconsin. Sundance Sheepskin and Leather makes slippers in Colorado. And New Balance still makes some running shoes in Massachusetts and Maine.

Finally, included in this article is the story of backpack maker Dana Gleason who went offshore and later moved production back to the USA and why. The why in this article is a tipping point, an example opportunity to guide everyone who wants to build an American manufacturing company.

Source: “Twenty Rugged Survivors in Dying Industries” by Bloomberg Businessweek Small Business.