Ink Pen Draws Working Circuits

What if you could pick up an ink pen and draw a working electrical circuit on paper? That’s the promise of Kickstarter project company Electroninks. Their pen is called Circuit Scribe, a rollerball that draws with silver conductive ink.

This may be the first time in a long time that control over electronic circuit design is given in hand. Even schoolchildren can participate. They simply sketch a simple circuit with Circuit Scribe in a notebook, apply a battery source, and the LED will light! The Early Bird Classroom Kit of 10 pens and workbook is sold out.

It’s best to read the entire Kickstarter prospectus, but serious electrically minded folks need to watch How this Guy Used Circuit Scribe to Control His Computer!

Of course, as one Popular Science reader commented, “make this a printer ink with an accompanying program that lets you draw circuits on your computer and print them out on a sticky paper that you stick to any blank pcb board and have a testable pcb in minutes.”

But the idea of hand-sketching a circuit that works is primal nourishment for the good ole brain.