Lofting for Fun and Money

Have an idea but can’ t afford to build it? Try lofting it.

Lofting comes from the shipyards where boat sections were modeled in full-size from scaled plans. The practice helps avoid mistakes while making concepts tangible. Think of it as full-scale model building.

Here is a site where a sail plan is being “drawn” on the floor, Make a Dacron Sail. The pictures easily demonstrate what’s going on. You can almost “see” the sail!

Lofting can help you demonstrate your concept and show it might work before investing precious dollars. It’s similar to staking out the foundation of a house and walking around inside. If you are seeking investors, lofting is like producing a working model they can relate to better than a paper plan.

Let your imagination run wild. All kinds of things have been lofted before actually being built including giant aircraft.

Here is an in-depth article on The Basics of Boat Lofting. Even if your project has nothing to do with boats, this article will help you grasp the concept of lofting.

Lofting is a lot of fun! Even if you do not build what you’ve lofted, it will send the creative juices flowing. Loft again and again.